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Unlock Your Customer Success Potential

Personalized Coaching & Consulting with Diana De Jesus

My Story

Sustainable growth for many B2B SaaS companies is achieved through Customer Success. Throughout my career, I have taken on various roles such as team lead, customer success manager, and customer marketing manager at prominent startups. Working with over 50 CS teams, I have assisted them in streamlining their operations and unlocking their team's potential through coaching. My objectives are simple:

  1. Help Customer Success professionals thrive in their careers

  2. Help companies retain their customers

  3. Help the CS community grow

What I Offer

CS Professionals

This is for you if you're in customer success and want to grow in your career. I offer specialized coaching tailored to your needs, helping you gain confidence in your work, prioritize effectively, and develop essential customer success skills such as discovery and relationship building. Together, we'll sharpen your abilities, ensure your customers achieve their desired outcomes, and set you on a path to success in the field of customer success. And if you're looking for a next career move, I've helped hundreds of people land customer success jobs. I can help with that too! 

New CS Lead Coaching

As a new customer success leader at a startup, you face unique challenges in building and scaling your customer success operations. My coaching services are designed to empower you in creating and implementing crucial processes such as onboarding, quarterly business reviews, health scores, and playbooks. Additionally, I'll assist you in team development, fostering your own professional growth as a customer success leader, and effectively communicating the impact of customer success across your organization and with executives. Together, we'll unlock your confidence and revenue potential.

Customer Success Process Consulting

Drawing on my years of experience as a customer success manager and customer marketing manager at Catalyst Software, a leading customer success platform company, I bring expert knowledge in building and optimizing customer success processes. From revenue-generating playbooks to health scores, customer journeys, quarterly business review processes, implementation strategies, success plans, upsell workflows, renewals, and churn mitigation workflows—I can help your company establish these processes from scratch. Additionally, I offer guidance in making your first customer success hire and can even take on fractional customer success leadership roles to provide hands-on support.

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